Making people feel welcome and comfortable is at the heart of the multi-billion dollar hospitality industry. By understanding what customers want, hospitality-based businesses like bed & breakfasts, hotels, hostels, and even restaurants and food blogs can provide memorable experiences to their customers. There are degree programs dedicated to helping students learn to communicate with customers to find out how to give the best possible hospitality. The businesses below are ahead of the curve in providing top tier customer care and keeping contact with their customers through blogs and other forms of online presence. These are great examples to follow for anyone interested in a career in hospitality.

Bed & Breakfast

Bed & breakfasts are usually small, family-owned businesses with a unique ability to customize their services for each customer’s needs. The B&Bs on this list keep blogs about their events and amenities to make it easier for customers to find out what all they have to offer.

  1. Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild Blog

    This blog highlights the fantastic hospitality opportunities in Oregon. With posts that range from noting specific bed and breakfasts to plugging special events to documenting possible travel routes, this blog is great for anyone looking for a getaway in Oregon or interested in the state’s opportunities.

  2. Chatter From the Manor

    This blog is maintained by Kim Allen, a proprietor of A Butler’s Manor, a B & B in Southampton, New York. Kim blogs about everything from fine dining options near the Manor to real estate prices and building trends. The blog is a great read for anyone interested in hospitality, and even better for someone looking for unique perspectives about the business from an accomplished writer, since Kim has published three books!

  3. Louisiana Bed & Breakfast Association Blog

    The Louisiana Bed & Breakfast Association Blog includes posts from and about the many fine bed and breakfast institutions in Louisiana. If you have an eye for the many sites, scenes and events of this historic southern state, this blog is a great place to start.

  4. Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado Blog

    If you are looking to explore the grandeur of the mountain state of Colorado, this bed and breakfast blog is terrific introduction. With lush, colorful pictures and many features on specific regions, this site provides plentiful beautiful destinations.

  5. Bed and Breakfast Network Blog

    This blog brings fine bed and breakfasts from around the nation to your computer. With posts highlighting regions, seasons, as well as providing information and advice to bed and breakfast owners, this is a wonderful resource for travelers and hospitality providers alike.

  6. Oklahoma Bed & Breakfast Association

    This website is a portal into the high quality bed and breakfast options in Oklahoma. With an appealing design and fluid navigation, it allows you to find the perfect B&B by region, name, or style.

  7. Bed & Breakfasts of Mystic Coast & Country

    This site provides a unique entry point into the scenic Mystic Coast and Country of Connecticut. It provides easily navigated information about B&Bs, highlighted specials, and notable hospitality partners, making this site immensely useful for anyone contemplating a visit to one of the most beautiful areas in the nation.

  8. California Association of Bed and Breakfast Inns

    This site is a one stop guide for anyone dreaming of a trip to California. In addition to all of the B&B information, the specials, etc., this site also gives you a cookbook of local flavors to sample in preparation or in recollection of an unforgettable trip.

  9. Bed & Breakfast Association of Arkansas

    This network of B&Bs in Arkansas will be immensely useful to both travelers and hospitality owners. It gives you ample and easily navigable options for finding the perfect lodging for your trip or for setting up your own B&B, and much more.

  10. North Idaho Bed & Breakfast Assocation

    For anyone looking to experience the best that Idaho has to offer, this site is an invaluable resource. It provides information regarding lodging, activities, events, specials, and helpful links to notable businesses and resources.

  11. North Carolina Bed & Breakfasts Inns

    Looking to find the perfect dose of hospitality at the crossroads of the east and the south? Look no further than this site, which will provide you with all the lodging, attractions, and services that one could need in one convenient place.

  12. Ohio Bed and Breakfast Association

    This site brings you all the hospitality that the heart of the heartland has to offer. Featuring information on the high-quality B&Bs of Ohio, as well as information for aspiring innkeepers, this site can help you whatever your interests or needs.

  13. Newport County Inns and Beds & Breakfasts

    Providing information about this historic and scenic area of Rhode Island, the Newport County Inn and Bed & Breakfast website can help you find your way. Bringing you information about B&Bs, room availabilities, events, and dining, it would be hard to find a better way to explore these colonial attractions.

  14. Empire State Bed & Breakfast Association

    For those looking to explore the wonders of New York state, in and beyond NYC, this site is a powerful resource. With all the links to B&Bs, attractions, trip planning information that you would expect, this site also includes a blog highlighting the sights and scenes of the Empire State.

  15. InnNotes………a bed and breakfast blog

    A personal blog about the lodgings and tastes of the blogger’s B&B, this charming site would set anyone’s mouth watering. With gorgeous and delicious looking pictures and recipes, this blog will make foodies both excited and hungry.

  16. Blisswood Bed & Breakfast Blog

    This blog about one B&B in Cat Springs, Texas, features the charms and opportunities of ranch hospitality. Here you can discover a unique travel location, a place to hold a wedding, or learn more about the unique animals nearby.

  17. American Guest House Blog

    The American Guest House Blog is an excellent model of what a B&B website should be. Visually appealing and easy to navigate, it provides a great deal of information about events and attractions professionally, yet with an eye toward hospitality and welcoming.

  18. Within the Kingdom Blog

    This blog, attached to the Castle in the Country B&B of Allegan, Michigan, shares posts about local attractions and opportunities. With its simple, elegant design and homey content, it does a wonderful job of putting the B&B’s strengths on clear display.

  19. Hartstone Inn Blog

    Celebrating the charms and events of Camden, Maine, this frequently updated blog presents an ideal image of a community and a B&B located at its heart. In addition to displaying its useful information, this blog uses stunning photos to their full advantage.

  20. Rabbit Hill Inn Blog

    Underneath an exquisitely appealing rotating banner of photos, this blog highlights the events, opportunities, and activities near this B&B in northern Vermont. Foregrounding activities, tastes, and sights, this blog makes Vermont seem like an ideal getaway spot.

  21. High Pointe Inn Blog

    This blog presents the charms of a B&B nestled gloriously on Cape Cod. With plentiful information, gorgeous pictures, and elegantly written posts (for example “a gin-clear early fall day”) this is a must see for how to do a hospitality blog right.

  22. A Rainforest B&B Blog – Puerto Rico

    This blog is a refreshingly transparent and honest reflection on the trials, tribulations, and joys of maintaining and renovating a “rainforest” B&B in Puerto Rico. Thoughtfully written with many appealing pictures, this blog gives a view into a unique world of hospitality.

  23. Featherbed Railroad Blog

    Highlighting the experiences of northern California, this blog bills itself as your guide to the things happening near this B&B. With a clear focus on the wine opportunities in this part of the country, but branching into other events and activities, this blog will inspire your next trip to northern California.

  24. The Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast

    Though infrequently updated, this blog presents a view into the rural beauty of this New York B&B. With information about weddings, awards, animals, etc. as well as the requisite room and attraction information, this site will convince anyone to explore more of New York than the Big Apple.

  25. Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast Blog

    This slick, modern-designed blog (which can be reorganized to fit your web-viewing preferences) does a fantastic job of enticing visitors to take interest in this Virginia B&B. Well produced and frequently updated, check out the right pop-out-bar to navigate to the B&B official website.

  26. White Doe Inn Bed & Breakfast

    This North Carolina B&B publishes information about events, activities, deals, and changes to the B&B’s hospitality offerings. With updates coming every couple weeks, this is a great resource for people looking to escape to North Carolina.

  27. The Captain Jefferds Inn Blog

    Though this blog is billed as “Kate’s Mutterings,” the posts are much more complete and informational than most mutterings. With extensive lists of Maine local events and opportunities, this blog shows the value of a good, well-researched mutter.

  28. L’Auberge Provençale Bed and Breakfast

    This blog, from Virginia B&B L’Auberge Proveçale, presents the modern French hospitality offerings at this unique inn. With beautiful style and photos, it shares local flavors and events to entice any traveler.

  29. ILoveInns Bed and Breakfast Blog

    This blog, connected to, a directory of B&B and Inn deals from all over the country, highlights the most timely and worthy deals available. The writers of this blog also travel to B&Bs around the country and make note of their most positive visits.

  30. Heart of the Hills Inn Blog

    This lighthearted blog isn’t afraid to have fun in convincing you to visit the Heart of the Hills Inn. As you read about the local Arkansas events and assertions of the B&B’s superiority, don’t forget to click on the pictures for an extra chuckle.

  31. 1825 Inn Bed and Breakfast Blog

    This Inkeeping blog notes the upcoming attraction and events in Hershey, Pennsylvania, especially keeping an eye for famous performers and musicians visiting the area. Helpful for anyone contemplating a visit to Hershey.

  32. Albuquerque Innsights

    This B&B blog takes the approach of advertising the inn by advertising the town. Albuquerque Innsights entices by presenting the secret attractions and little known venues of Albuquerque.

  33. Andon-Reid Inn Bed and Breakfast Perspectives

    This blog brings you all the best that Western North Carolina has to offer. With photos of picturesque destinations and information about exciting events, this blog is about much more than the B&B that inspires it.

  34. Belfry Inne & Bistro Blog

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, this blog gives you more information than almost any other. With extensive posts about sights and events, and just as importantly room spotlights with ample pictures, this blog helps you get a feel for the B&B long before you set foot on Cape Cod.

  35. Chloe’s Blog from Big Mill

    Chloe’s Blog features gorgeous posts about the local flora and fauna, the delicious food, and tasty recipes. The blog seeps enthusiasm for the rural life available at this B&B, presenting an almost Eden-like picture of North Carolina.

  36. Bostrom’s Bed and Breakfast Blog

    Bostrom’s Blog is mostly personal reflections from the owners of a B&B in British Columbia, Canada. It documents the trials and triumphs of working in the hospitality industry, as well as its more unique moments.

  37. Brewster House Bed & Breakfast

    The Brewster House blog is all about the sights and scenes of costal Maine, near the Brewster House Bed and Breakfast. For those looking for a quaint, charming experience, this is an ideal place to look.

  38. Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast Blog

    This blog is a wonderful resource for anyone with even a passing interest in Eastern Oregon. One look at the scenery, the food, and the lodgings and anyone would suddenly think about visiting.

  39. Chesterfield Inn Blog

    This blog contains fascinating information and scenic photos of Vermont. Its posts on attractions and events will surprise and delight anyone looking for a unique and magical getaway. (Who knew that sheep wear coats over their wool?)

  40. Delta Street Inn Blog

    This blog presents all the events, room specials, and even flight information one could need to Jefferson, Texas. With straightforward posts directly about the local events and deals, this site is perfect for anyone interested in a trip to Texas.

  41. Desert Dove Bed & Breakfast Blog

    This blog brings you to the historical and tourist sites of Tucson Arizona, as well as highlights of scenery, food, and hospitality in the area. With its airy and appealing photography, this site makes an excellent pitch for Tucson.

  42. The Lion and the Rose Blog

    This blog, from a scenic and colonial B&B in Asheville, North Carolina, brings you the best local events and attractions. With information ranging from food to notes on the “Hunger Game’s” filming locations, it is well researched and useful.

  43. Magnolia Springs Bed & Breakfast Blog

    This blog brings you the best of southern hospitality. With information about events, as well as attractions, scenery, and food, this site makes Alabama look like a perfect location for a trip.

  44. Night Swan Blog

    Bringing you the best of Florida, the Night Swan Blog lavishly lays out the carpet for anyone contemplating a visit to the state. With highlighted events, it’s easy to imagine how one could make this a vacation destination – especially in cold winter months.

  45. Inn Our Kitchen

    This blog, from the Stonehurst Place Inn in Atlanta, Georgia, has a keen eye for luxury lodging and fabulous food. Its well-written posts, and pictures that will not let you look away, will have you clamoring for a visit ASAP.

  46. Sully Mansion Blog/

    This blog, from the mansion B&B that gave New Orleans uptown architecture its distinctive look, provides you with information to plan your trip to the Jazz City. Enjoy good food, good music, and amazing lodgings.


    This B&B blog presents you with all the charms that rural hospitality can offer. With posts about adorable animals, seasonally gorgeous plants, and updates about the site, anyone interested in the area will find plenty to like here.

  48. InnSIGHTS from the Thomas Shepherd Inn Bed and Breakfast in Shepherdstown, WV

    This West Virginia B&B blog presents you with information and happenings from the area around the inn. With personal posts, events, and more, this blog remembers how much the human touch matters in hospitality.

  49. Thurston House Blog

    This blog is about a B&B in Florida. It includes posts about the area surrounding the B&B, as well as updates regarding the lodgings provided, with surprises you wouldn’t expect from Florida scenery.

  50. White Cedar Inn Today

    Bringing you the latest attractions from Freeport, Maine, this blog highlights the natural beauty of the area. With plentiful pictures of the landscape, as well as the food, it presents a delightful mental preview for a personal visit.

  51. 10 Fitch Innkeepers Blog

    If you are interested in a trip to a rural New York that is free of children, look no further than the 10 Fitch B&B. This blog presents an extensive lists of happenings nearby this “adult only” getaway.

  52. 5 Corners Blog

    This B&B, right off of the Ohio turnpike, brings the home-style flavors directly to you in this blog. In addition to features about the B&B and surrounding area, it presents extensive and lush-looking recipes for your perusal.

  53. Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast Blog

    This blog, from a B&B in Missoula, Montana, provides a gorgeous look of rural life in the midst of picturesque mountains. It posts frequently about local attractions and events.

  54. Chambered Nautilus Bed & Breakfast Inn Blog

    Interested in the best that Seattle, Washington has to offer? It would be hard to beat this blog for providing insight and access into a stay that bridges the city and the country’s most wonderful attractions.

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Homestay Networks

    Homestay Networks usually focus on helping travelers find hosts and homes to stay in while they’re on the road. The extra personal interaction offered by a homestay is something some travelers will go out of their way to find. Some of the sites below aren’t only homestay networks, but focus on a wider array of travel and accommodation planning options.


  1. Boston Homestay Blog

    The Boston Homestay Blog is a place that reflects on the cultural opportunities and regional attractions of Boston for people visiting abroad for a long period of time. Simple, well written and appealing, it’s the perfect introduction to Boston.

  2. The ParisSharing Blog

    This blog connects you to some of the lesser known attractions in Paris, and helps you to find lodgings in a real house or apartment. Get that much closer to an authentic Paris experience by really living in the city, and seeing new sights.

  3. Tripping

    Discover new ways to travel with this website. Turn your home, or your travels into a cultural adventure by staying in someone’s home, get to know them, and see a city through their eyes.

  4. Friendship Force International

    Bringing people together, Friendship Force focuses on cultural exchange. By bringing people into others homes for about a week, with an itinerary of local sights and activities, they show you a city in a completely new way.

  5. Hospitality Club

    This site takes the idea of a cultural exchange and homesharing network, and spins it around. Rather than simply sending someone to another country to live for a time, the site works as a social networking hub to naturally find people to visit in other cities and countries.

  6. United States Servas

    With a history stretching back over 60 years, and as an officially recognized affiliated organization of the United Nations, US Servas has a long track record as a Homestay Network. They work to help cultural transfer and understanding by creating a world hospitality network.

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Hotels & Hostels

    Hotels and hostels offer room and board for a fee, and travelers of all stripes can find something that fits in this list of top tier hotels and hostels from around the world. These purveyors of hospitality stand out from the crowd by keeping excellent websites to reel in potential customers.


  1. Pacific Tradewinds Hostel Blog

    This blog by the owner of a backpacker hostel in San Francisco, California, documents the trials and triumphs of working in the hostel business. For anyone interested in the business side of this kind of hospitality, this is an interesting resource.

  2. Gomio Blog

    Gomio is a social hostel booking site which allows for reviews and information from travelers in cities around the world. This very cleanly designed blog addresses some of the perks of staying in hostels and works to correct misconceptions.

  3. Sakura Hostel Asakusa Diary

    The Sakura Hostel Asakusa Diary is a the blog of this Tokyo, Japan, hostel. Covering activities within the hostel, and attractions nearby, this is a perfect place to look if you are thinking of a trip to Tokyo.

  4. Chicago Getaway Hostel Blog

    Bringing you the attractions, news, events, scenes, and tastes of Chicago, this Hostel Blog is a great way to learn more about Chicago. This is a personal, authentic way to experience the city for the first, second, fifth, or fiftieth time.

  5. Wombats Hostels Blog

    This blog comes from the Wombat hostel network, which stretches from Germany to Austria to Hungary. With a spunky and bold look, feel, and tone, this blog highlights the fun and the new.

  6. Flying Pig Blog

    Coming to you from Amsterdam, this hostel site brings you news, lodging, and more. The blog, though infrequently updated, includes info about concerts, etc.

  7. Ocean Island Backpackers Inn Blog

    This blog comes from Ocean Island, which has a range of accommodations ranging from dorms, to rooms, to suites. The blog highlights the latest and coming events and attractions in Victoria, British Columbia.

  8. Jazz Hostels Blog

    This blog, from the Jazz Hostel chain that stretches from New York to Miami to Montreal. The blog features events and attractions from across the cities that Jazz calls home.

  9. Are Morch – Hotel Blogger

    Are Morch is a former Hotelier and Customer Service professional who now blogs about the hotel industry and how it is changing. Specifically interested in the juncture between social media and hospitality, this is a good read for anyone in the industry.

  10. Living with Legends: Hotel Chelsea Blog

    This blog about the New York City Hotel Chelsea, here titled “the last outpost of bohemia,” documents the trials and terrors trying to renovate this historic but now dilapidated artistic institution.

  11. Hotel Blogs

    This site is a generalist roll of some of the notable news and events in hotel hospitality. It functions as an aggregator for hotel-related information from all over the web.

  12. Hawthorne Hotel Blog

    This blog, updated daily, comes from the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts. With new, useful information about the area posted daily, it is a great resource for people staying at the Hawthorne.

  13. Front Desk Lodging Hospitality Blog

    This blog brings you “straight talk” about the state, the opportunities, and the challenges of the hospitality industry. With well-informed and interesting posts, this is a great read for anyone involved in the industry.

  14. Xotels

    This blog brings you insights from inside the Hotel and Hospitality industry. Dense with information and analysis, this is great for people interested in or working in the industry, but may be too full of acronyms for others to easily follow.

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It is impossible to overstate the importance of food in the hospitality industry. What differentiates a good restaurant, hotel, or B&B from a great one is the quality of the ingredients and the care put into preparing outstanding and unique meals for guests. These bloggers are all about the food experience and they provide living proof that one way to up your culinary game is to publicize your masterpiece meals online.


  1. She Simmers

    This Thai food blog brings authentic Thai cuisine into your screen or your kitchen. It has recipes, extensive cooking explanations, and pictures of food that will set your stomach rumbling.

  2. Paris Patisseries

    This blog’s tagline is “because it was time for someone to eat all the pastry and chocolate.” This blog documents the bloggers attempts to find, photograph, explain, the gobble up the best deserts in Paris.

  3. Judging Your Breakfast

    Discover the incredible tastes and culinary-sights of Melbourne, Australia. With reviews of the restaurants and cafés that they can discover, the bloggers bring texture, taste, and wit to breakfast, half a world away.

  4. Big Girls, Small Kitchen

    This blog publishes recipes and explanations of food that are accessible and affordable to people in their mid-twenties to thirties. It shows you how to take the most simple food, and makes it fancy without too much trouble.

  5. Snapfood

    This blog documents and photographs the food of travel. While it does not provide recipes, its shots travel scenery paired with travel food will inspire you to either eat delicious things, or travel to wonderful places.

  6. The Year in Food

    The Year in Food is a blog about the fresh tastes that are available in San Fransisco. Along with the explanations of the food, these posts are so well photographed, they will leave your mouth watering.

  7. {farmette}

    This blog is about a woman who upended her life in the United States to marry an Irish farmer. More than that, however, the blog is focused on learning to cook (amazing) food in a new country with new ingredients and traditions surrounding food.

  8. Tiny Urban Kitchen

    Tiny Urban Kitchen is a blog written by a former research chemist who brought her love of tinkering into the small kitchen in her home. In addition to the cooking she does at home, she also documents and photographs exciting cuisine near her home..

  9. Cookie+Kate

    This is a foodie blog about a woman in her twenties who is completely obsessed with food. She posts about cooking and eating foods that are as whole and local as possible, and her photos make you want to join her.

  10. KevinEats

    This blog documents, in mouthwatering detail, the culinary adventures of the blogger. Visiting restaurant, especially in California, he brings you to a life of glamorous eating of which most of us only dream.

  11. hungry sofia

    Why you ask? She responds, “I’m hungry because it’s never enough, and it’s never enough because I’m so hungry.” This blog documents the ever-growing interest, ability, and appetite of the blogger, who brings us customized recipes and amazing photos.

  12. palate/palette/plate

    With a charming, simply laid out blog, this blogger brings you recipes, food explanations, and usually a single photo. After seeing a post or two of simple perfection, more pictures and more writing would simply feel gratuitous.

  13. Seven Spoons

    Originally intended as a personal recipe book posted online, since 2005 it has morphed into a food blog that documents life, food, family, and friends. That said, if all you’re looking for is food, you will not be disappointed in these delectable, high-quality food posts.

  14. Lottie and Doof

    This is a blog started by a grad student studying art and politics who realized that he liked food and hospitality more than either of those things. This blog now represents his growing interests in food, with recipes, photos, and joy.

  15. The Glamorous Life of A Restaurant Owner / Restaurateur

    A very different take on the food hospitality blog, this site showcases the struggles and triumphs of a restaurant owner. Well written and interesting, this blog does much to humanize the person on the other side of the customer-business owner divide.

  16. Restaurant Owner Radio

    This blog takes the unique stance toward food and restaurants of interviewing the people behind local restaurants. Centered in Atlanta, Georgia, this is a great read and listen for anyone interested in the business of food, or interested in Atlanta cuisine.

  17. I’m Your Server, Not Your Servant

    This blog turns around the focus of food hospitality and asks customers to think about how they interact with servers. With rotating guest posts featuring wit, humility, anger, and passion, these servers express the difficulties and triumphs of working as a server.

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Some of the sites on this list defied categorization, but they were too important to leave out. The blogs below are all great resources for those interested in homestays, traveling abroad, or just plain good hospitality.


  1. Sampa Flatshare

    This blog brings you the opportunity to make unique reservations should you be traveling to Sao Paolo, Brazil. With the flat-share program, you can make special, short term rent or find similar accommodations that go far beyond normal hospitality options. (Note that prices are listed in Brazilian Reals.)

  2. Recipes For Our Daily Bread

    This is a food blog with a clear connection to the blogger’s Christian faith. With down-to-earth, hearty recipes and spirituality, this blog is unique among most food blogs.

  3. Homegrown Hospitality Blog

    Tackling a different side of hospitality, this blog looks at the arts/crafts/design/decoration side of hospitality. With the ability to buy her work, as well as step by step instructions on how to make high quality decorations, this is a great resource for someone looking to add a little something to any room.

  4. The Nail Spa Blog

    Not all hospitality is about full-on vacations and lavish meals. People often treat themselves after a hard week of work by going to a spa or nail salon, and spas that give customers the best overall hospitality experience are the ones that stay in business. The Nail Spa Blog is all about nail decoration culture and how to pamper spa customers and keep them coming back.

  5. Heavenly Homemakers

    A blog about the hospitality of the home, this site is a resource for homemaking women striving for a more simple, healthy, and hospitable home. With posts ranging from recipes to family reflections to writing about gratitude, this blog strives to make the home a more heavenly place.

  6. Christian Supermom

    This blog bills itself as being about “one mom’s journey to glorify god,” and the way she often does it is by providing hospitality and comfort to her family and community. Christian Supermom is a great example of how personal values can compliment a hospitality provider’s mission.

  7. Gecko Hospitality Blog

    This blog, from one of the largest hospitality recruitment companies in the country, provides practical advice for joining the hospitality industry. With relevant and understandable posts, this is a great resource for anyone looking for a job in hospitality.

  8. Boutique Hospitality Management

    This blog shares news and updates about the Boutique Hospitality Management company. Their information is interesting, well written, well designed, and of interest to anyone with a connection to the company, or who is interested in learning about how design and management can radically alter hospitality.

  9. Spa Scoop Blog

    This blog is incredibly useful for anyone trying to give their spa’s clients the maximum amount of enjoyment and relaxation. Spa owners and operators will find loads of great info on how to improve their business here. With a deep back-catalog of tips, tricks, and suggestions about how to provide an unforgettable visit, it’s hard to imagine a better source for your scoop on the spa experience.

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